Kudos Appreciation & Recognition of Efforts (KARE)

The Kudos Appreciation and Recognition of Efforts ( KARE) Program is a recognition program dedicated to the idea that individual recognition and appreciation are key elements to job satisfaction and to the success of an individual's employment experience.

This program provides faculty, staff, classified, administrators, or students, the opportunity to recognize colleagues and co-workers who "show exceptional service and caring to members of the Mission College community and family" by submitting a nomination form to the KARE Recognition Committee for review.

The people we would like to recognize are those who consistently treat students, faculty and staff with courtesy and respect, who are helpful and will go the "extra mile" to provide excellent service, and who regularly demonstrate acts of kindness.

Nomination Forms are online at (http://lamission.org/forms/nomination.htm), or at various locations around the college campus. Nominations are accepted at any time throughout the year and reviewed on a monthly basis by the KARE Recognition Committee (an activity sponsored by Staff Development). Upon review by KARE Recognition Commitee, an individual staff, faculty, classified, administrator, or student will be awarded one of the following distinctions:

1. Kudos "Pat on the Back" Award: This recognizes a staff, faculty, classified, administrator, or student, for their assistance in a particular situation, instance, or project. (for instance, helping someone whose car will not start). Winners are awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and a $5 gift certificate for campus dining.

2. Kudos "Extra Effort" Award: This recognizes special accomplishments, extra efforts, good deeds, or other outstanding acitivities of an individual who has gone "well above and beyond" their normal duties and activities in a particular situation, activity, or project. Winners receive a Certificate of Appreciation and a $25 certificate for goods and services at one of the local Malls, like Northridge Mall. etc.

All awards will be announced in the Classifed "Chatter", the weekly edition of El Timbre, and presented at the "Food For Thought" Forums sponsored each month by Staff Development.

Thank you,
Kudos Appreciation & Recognition of Efforts (KARE)